Authenticity about Photography!

Doubting yourself.... 


I take a step back and look at where I was a year ago. 

I have learned so much in just one year, and honestly, the photography knowledge I have now compared to a year ago is massive! 

But yet, I am in such a place of doubt. I went from just shooting and going with my natural eye to capture awesome images to 

Questioning every picture I take, every edit I make, every caption I post, even every gallery I send.

I worry at times if my clients will like them! 

Joey: “Photography is an option” let me explain 

Since Photography is an art style not everyone will LOVE IT - and that is “okay.” 

Working full time leaves the door open for more criticism and when it’s directed at an option of artwork at times...

I get lost in the artwork and admittingly I can’t decipher between my work and myself... “any other photographers get me?”

The thing is, I need to choose to think differently. I need to choose to - wash myself with the word- renew my mind!  

That is a struggle at times!! It takes WORK to stop comparing myself and go back to the beginning!  


  1. I do photography because I LOVE IT. I love serving people by capturing images. It’s not about the approval or the applause but about the “moments and memories captured.” 
  2. I am not my Photography. I am Christ’s. And without Photography my identity would still be in Him.
  3. I am always growing -- learning each and every day in order to serve my clients better. 
  4. I am passionate PASSIONATE about my job! Unsaleable passionate and excited to be able to take pictures because most people don’t have the privilege to do what I do.
  • I hope this post and growing experience helps someone else in any walk of life.

Christine xoxo