Vici Collections #02

Shout out to Vici for allowing me to photograph their STUNNING clothing!

I got to shoot Sarah in their latest outfits and honestly, the images turned out so beautiful. The Florida heat got the best of us during the shoot, but Sarah and I pushed through like champs!

Overall, Vici is an amazing brand to work with. I can’t say enough good things about this brand.  Go check out their clothes. You’ll want to shop until you drop! 




This week my intern @alondramo_ asked me a fantastic question:

“Tell me about one of your first experiences with brand work! What did you learn from it?"

I can't remember my first brand experience. But I do remember the turning point when I started working more often with brands. One of Ivory Ella's employees reached out to me and asked if they could ship me products that I could shoot. I thought it was a scam but I did it anyway (TURNS OUT THEY WERE NOT A SCAM - BIG RELIEF)! I shot the products and Ivory Ella LOVED the images.♡

We collaborated more often and I even flew up North and met the team! At this point, I realized I started having a passion for this niche and the Lord also kept opening doors for brand work opportunities! The Shore was another huge brand I got to work with and they helped my photography evolve even more!

Currently, I'm working with Alondra on a process where we pitch to brands, but it all started with a DM through Instagram! 

Throughout this journey, I learned that you'll encounter A LOT OF NOs! But you will also get yes's and those are the brands that truly love your work! There are down seasons in brand photography, but there are always opportunities to grow and lessons to learn.




-XOXO Christine & Alondra


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