Uninon Home Mortgage

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Paula and Sarah, a mom and daughter team, working for Union Mortgage! Paula needed head shots for Forbes Magazine as well as marketing material for their business! They also needed photographs for their website, social media and business cards!

More and more companies have been looking to change up their style! Moving from normal head shots to a lifestyle-feel shoot! I am so glad they asked me to work with them to create a clean, modern look for this business. Enjoy ladies, it was so fun working with you!

Wozz (1 of 1).jpg
Wozz (1 of 36).jpg

Before and after edits are the best! I don’t always publish them but here is a treat for you!

  1. I try to shoot to the editing style. I like “ IN CAMERA” as much as possible! Getting natural cool color tones!

  2. Then, I have a base preset. I start by editing a little - cropping, then adding the preset and adjusting from there! Changing all kinds of settings to get it just right!

  3. The window light from this shot is to her left!

  4. Photography takes work from shooting until the after math! I am still growing in this process, but I love to see my clients happy with the end results!

    • If you have any questions at all please comment below. Also feel free to post your ‘before and after’ thoughts or questions!

  • Christine!