My Essential Photoshoot Packing List!

Photoshoot Packing List

I’ve been going through a series on my Instagram where I share tips, tricks, and everyday struggles of photographers and small business owners.

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Lately I’ve been asked a lot about how to prepare for shoots. Are you the type of person that gets overwhelmed when packing for a wedding, a travel shoot, or any photoshoot in general? I am! If you saw how many packing lists I have it would blow your mind!

Here's a basic outline of what I bring to a travel/wedding shoot. You can take out anything extra to tailor this list into an every day shoot list:

My Photoshoot Packing List:

1. Camera

2. Second camera body

3. 50mm lens

4. 24-70mm lens

5. Camera batteries

6. Phone charger

7. Portable phone battery

8. SD cards

9. External light flashes/AA batteries

10. Ring light

11. Advil & Chapstick

12. Backup pair of shoes/jacket

13. Camera bag and suitcase

14. Laptop and external hard drive

15. Umbrella

16. Shot list

17. Water (Fizz stick)

18. Wallet/keys

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My Essential Photoshoot Packing List