St. Pete Adventure

One thing crossed off my 2017 bucket list!

I love St. Pete, there is something about the art community + the beach atmosphere that makes me want to move there right now!

My friends and I are in our senior year of college! It is such an exciting time for us, but we want to make sure we are taking time to appreciate each other and get out and do things! 

The days events:

I have been wanting to try Bandit Coffee for a year and a half now! Finally getting the chance to go there and getting out of the apartment was such a good feeling. We took an adventure and saw where the rest of the day would lead us! 

Bandit Coffe Co was everything I wanted it to be! Clean, minimalistic, and they had amazing coffee! We even saw some friends from school!

After getting some coffee we explored downtown St. Petersburg's murals! My heart erupted with joy! It's everything I wanted it to be and more! (It made me want to visit Wynwood Walls in Miami next)

Anyway we took a bunch of fun images in front of the walls, as you can see below! Then checked out a cute little restaurant near the water! 

Lastly we found an awesome spot to play corn hole and shuffle board, ending the day heading back home, with a beautiful sunset drive!

I hope you enjoy the images from this day! I would love to hear your thoughts below if you would like to see more adventures!