Sarah + Michael Moore

I have dreamt about setting up a couples in-house shoot for a long time now! 

Song to go with this lovley couple!

Its hard to find couples who want to use their house as a backdrop for their photoshoots, but I finally found a couple that was willing and I love their family so much! There is something about their love that is so beautiful! I can't forget their wonderful baby Kai that completes their family. They are the most lovable gorgeous family around! 

I am planning on showing you guys more of baby Kia in the future, but for now here is Sarah and Michael!

As I was photographing them I told them to interact with each other, talk, get close. There is something about stepping back and allowing couples to interact that lets you capture a true authentic image! I hope you enjoy these and can see their love story through each and every image! 

Thank you Sarah + Michael for being so vulnerable and willing to allow me to photograph your love story for the world to see, as well as your children. I love you both so much and I'm looking forward to growing closer to you guys when I move back home! You both truly are a blessing from the Lord, and I am happy to call you friends.

P.s: I have known Sarah for a long time and she has always been this gorgeous, it is not my photography skills that made Sarah look like she was born a model!

If anyone would like to book an in-house shoot, send me an email! I would love to set some up in this new year! I would be more than happy to book a shoot with you and your significant other!