Erin Grier Senior Pictures

Erin is slaying this Saturday with her edgy style! Look at those fierce poses and luscious hair - can we say YASSS to this shoot? I have shot with Erin twice now and I cannot believe this is her official senior shoot! She has dabbled in modeling, so posing for this shoot was a breeze for her. Erin seriously killed it. I am elated that we decided to go with an edgier style for her senior shoot, it kept her pictures personal to who she is.

My favorite shot from this photoshoot: the picture where Erin is hanging from a railing and it looks like she is yelling! What’s your favorite shot?

Although Erin’s style was edgy, I was able to also use a mix of tropical tones and warm tones. I edited this photoshoot with natural, blue tones that complimented with her edgy style. Kind of like a juxtaposition - super cute!

Senior photoshoot tip: always mix up the poses/facial expressions. Have your client pose with a serious face, a smiling face or a candid. Get creative with it!

To wrap it up, this shoot was phenomenal! Erin, I always love working with and I hope we can work together in the near future.

Happy Saturday to you all,

Christine & Alondra