Rachel Consiglio Senior Pictures

Do you ever get excited when you’re around people from your childhood? Well, being around Rachel brought up so many memories of being in dance when I was young. It was a pleasure being able to reconnect with her and to take her senior photos.  

Funny story: On the day of Rachel’s shoot, it was cloudy and gloomy outside because it was about to rain (#photographyproblems, right?). But as we headed out for the shoot, we thankfully missed the rain. Although it was really dark outside, we were able to get creative with the shoot and we got awesome results.

I was also excited about having the opportunity to shoot in a beautiful neighborhood that’s around town. We focused on the element of movement in the shoot, which means that Rachel was able to spin, dance and just have fun moving around!

I love when my clients enjoy being silly. As a photographer, I enjoy capturing the “off-guard” moments. It reflects the client’s authenticity and creativity throughout the image. By the way, the warm tones and cool tones used in this photo shoot really compliment Rachel’s style. I hope you guys enjoy seeing more movement in my photos.

Shout out to Rachel: You did a phenomenal job, I loved working with you!

I’ll talk to you guys in my next blog!

-Christine & Alondra