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Kristy Blake & Philip Evenson Engagement

It is that time of year! Couples are falling in love!

What am I kidding that is all year around! Here is a beautiful couples shoot I did in St. Pete a month or two ago! 

I not only shot this only couple but Kristy parents as well! 

- Enjoy! 

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Sarah + Johnathan Zalud Wedding

I had the amazing chance to document Sarah + Johnathan's love story!

From begging to end it was such a beautiful day. I hope you enjoy the layout of images! 

The sunset beach photographs are my favorite! There is nothing like a Florida beach wedding that captivates beautiful images!

I hope you enjoy! 

Venue: TradeWinds Island Grand Resort 

DJ: Island Sound Live - Drew Brown


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Abbey + Jeremy Engagement

This blog post is in honor of Abby + Jeremy Baxter's wedding yesterday! (6.4.16) I had so much fun documenting your love story, It was such a beautiful wedding. Your love for one another and the Lord is breath taking! 

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