Outfit, poses, shoot!

For the client, the most nerve-racking aspects of photography are outfit selections, posing and confidence in front of the camera. If your client isn’t feeling their outfit or has trouble smiling for the camera, it is your duty as the photographer to give the best tips and encouragement possible. You’re the expert and the ice breaker. The way you handle your shoot will determine the outcome. Want to give your client the best tips? Keep reading, this resource will thoroughly address this topic and offer advice on outfit choices, poses and more.


My, oh my. How does one choose a flattering outfit for a photoshoot? The choices in fashion are endless. But let me help you narrow down your options. Here are some of my best tips on outfits:

  • The most important aspect of an outfit is to feel comfortable and confident in it. If you don’t, then it’s not “the one.”

  • Wear flowy material

    • Wearing flowy outfits creates movement in images.

  • Wear clothes that have neutral tones and solid colors.

    • This will keep the viewer focused on the subject.

  • Wear layers of clothing

    • Layering clothes allows you to change your look on the spot.

  • Accessorize your outfits

    • Integrating accessories adds more dimension to the image.

Check out my pinterest board for my outfit ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/Christinewozz/wardrobe-inspiration/


This component of photography can be the most uncomfortable for a client. Remember, people are not posing for the camera in the their day-to-day lives (unless they are professional models). So, you’re going to have to ease the client into the poses. Here’s how:

  • As the photographer, give your client examples of poses that look best on camera. As the client, find a couple of poses on pinterest that you are comfortable with.

  • Have the models or the client practice in front of a mirror.

    • It maybe #awk at first, but it helps you know what you’re going to look like the day of the shoot.

  • When your client is in a pose tell them to sway side to side, or to look right or left.

    • Next thing you know, they’re not even posing. They are just having fun - those are the best shots.

  • As the photographer, make sure to elongate the lines in your images. You can do this by telling the client to keep their chin up.

If you’re interested in seeing visual examples of poses, here are two posing videos with one of my models, Sarah Moore:



You can also check out my instagram for more posing inspo: https://www.instagram.com/christinewozzphoto/

How to feel comfortable in front of the camera

This part of the topic is geared more toward the client. They usually tend to be a little unsettled by the thought of being stared at through a lens. In this case, the photographer should humanize the shoot. These are a couple of my go-to tips:

  • Tell the client to move! Say something along the lines of, “Spin a little. Smile a lot. Feel like yourself.” This will help break the ice.

  • Advise your client to get their hair and make up done. Why? Well, it helps them feel more confident.

    • If they can’t afford it, suggest Youtube tutorials.

  • Play music. It relaxes the client and gets them into a familiar headspace.

  • As the photographer, thoroughly guide your client through a pose. Nothing is more assuring to a client than knowing that their pose looks good. Give your client that peace of mind.

When your audience sees an authentic and personable image of a client, they’ll want to connect them. If they’re goofy, run and be silly until you capture that essence. If they’re more serious, get those fierce headshots. Prepping with the tips I gave you is great, but don’t over prep, it can kill the free-flowing vibe. Instead, be friendly and create a fun environment for the client. When you create a natural space, even the client forgets about the camera.