Orlando Explorations


Quality time is not my top love languge but is definitely an important part of friendships! This past week I decided to take an adventure with my best friend to Orlando! There is nothing like hitting the road to check out new places. I have been wanting to visit couple of Instagram worthy locations, and that is just what we did! 

btw: The food was amazing! 

Our first location was a tea and food place. Let me tell you, this place was so vintage and cute, all I wanted to do was take pictures the whole time! Its great having your best friend as your muse! It allows you to capture the atmosphere you are in with a beautiful model right in front of you! 

As always, Sonata killed the game that day! 

After it got done raining, we went to a carnival like place in Orlando. I have been so inspire by Brandon Woelfel lately and his lights theme (he is an absolute genius at this). I felt that I needed to start creating some images with beautiful lighting in the background as well! 

Staying inspired and creative in this industry is so important! At first, it proved to be tricky when I was trying to get the lighting right as the sun was going down, but once I did there was no stopping me......other than the sun setting that is. 

When I got back to my computer to edit the images, I wanted to scream, it was exactly what I was looking for! A much needed, adventurous photoshoot! 

Love Wozz! 

ps. If you want to know the locations we went to comment below!